The training on-line will be managed through an e-learning platform in which will be upload training modules, focused on the following topics:

  1. Basics of auto-entrepreneurship: in depth analysis about the process of starting an auto-entrepreneurship business and about theoretical knowledge and practical skills to design and implement a commercial project.
  1. Fundamentals of Green and Circular Economy: introduction to Green and Circular Economy, demand and supply of green jobs and environmental skills, analysis of smart-sustainable-inclusive economic growth, application of Green technologies, current trends in green skills profiles (development of new skills, skill up-grading, job matching skills), barriers to uptake a Green Economy, leveraging benefits through Circular Economy, case studies.
  1. European legislation on waste management: introduction to the European and national laws and the lobbing  on waste and recycling market, how to promote an EU policy framework that enhances access for re-use centres and networks to these goods.
  1. Entrepreneurship and employment in the re-use sector: analysis of the best practices of successful enterprises and study of the types of business that is possible to improve in the reuse sector.
  1. Eco-design: lessons about sustainable design, environmentally conscious design with the philosophy of designing physical objects complying the principles ecological sustainability.
  1. Product Design: systematic approaches for product designers to conceptualize and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and products.