logo_intesaProject leader is the Provincial Consortium INTESA-CCA. Founded in 1986, the INTSA-CCA has more 40 cooperatives (for a total of about 1000 employees), either type A and type B, in various social sectors and business (health, green economy, manufacturing, professional training, educational, social inclusion, etc.) and operates in the province of Treviso and in the North-East of Italy. The Consortium INTESA-CCA, has a considerable experience in planning and management of national, European and international projects with companies (profit and non-profit), multinational corporations, cooperatives and social enterprises.




Contarina is responsible for the management of waste from the municipalities belonging to the Priula and Tv Tre Consortia, within the province of Treviso, in the Veneto region (Italy), in an area covering approximately 1,300 square kilometres with about 554,000 inhabitants, through an integrated system involving waste from production to collection, treatment and recovery, generating a positive impact on the environment as well as on the lives of the citizens. Contarina’s success is based on a curbside collection system with a “pay as you throw” rate: a model that has been thoroughly tried and tested. For years, Contarina and the Consortia have been leaders in Europe in recycling and are an example of cutting-edge public entities in terms of services and results, working with the community to achieve a common goal: protection of the environment.




AIDIMME is a Technology Institute on Wood and related industries, a non-profit association with national and international scope, with a solid base of knowledge, information and technology transfer skills, provided by a long experience in high level research, technological development and innovation work. AIDIMME has been participating in activities related to the creation and development of a national system of professional qualifications with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour, and coordinating and participating in national and European projects. It also develops an important activity of distance training, with the support of innovative information and communication technologies.




SUPERUSE STUDIOS has become a pioneer in the field of sustainable design, renowned nationally and internationally for its innovative design approach as well as for providing ‘open source’ methods and tools to the design community, to make effective use of frequently wasted resources and energy. Their design approach is flexible and easy to apply at different scales and to concepts such as social design, urban farming, circular and the blue economy. SUPERUSE STUDIOS researches, designs, builds innovative products, interiors and buildings, and develops strategies for smart urban transformations.




HUMANA NOVA is a non profit company that encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially-excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. The Cooperative is a leader of the social entrepreneurship and has been recognized in the wider regional scope, contributing actively and directly to support the self-reliability of the socially excluded persons and their families.




RREUSE (Reuse and Recycling Social Enterprises in the European Union) is a European non-governmental organisation (NGO) and the first European umbrella organisation of social enterprises with activities in the reuse, repair and recycling sector. The very specialised European network puts the three pillars of sustainability at an equal level: environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability. RREUSE’s mission is “to lobby at European level for stronger policies in favour of repair and reuse of end-of-life products to avoid that products become waste too early”. Additionally, RREUSE also participates on social economy legislation with a specific focus on green employment linked to social inclusion and training initiatives for those most removed from the labour mainstream market.