RENEW2020 offers the opportunity to the youth participants to participate to a training path that will be developed through on-line lessons and follow-up on an e-learning platform and through 4 mobility periods in the partner countries.

The partner organisations will be directly involved and will play an active role in the planning and implementation of lessons and workshops about the topic of auto-entrepreneurship in the Green Economy, to increase the professional competences, skills, knowledge of direct participants.

Moreover, the exchange of good practices will provide young participants the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to evaluate the opportunity to design and start up a Smart Re-use project business, from the business plan analysis to its implementation, manufacturing techniques, production technologies and materials features.

There will be adopted innovative teaching methodologies of cooperative learning, non-formal and informal learning modes based on the interaction of the group. Some of the teaching methods of “cooperative learning” will be:

  • Brain Storming: proposing freely all kinds of solutions of a given problem;
  • Problem Solving: identifying, planning, and implementing the necessary actions to solve a problem;
  • Problem Networking: identifying relevant data for setting the problem by discarding those excessive through networking comparison;
  • Story telling: narrative practices in order to promote ideas focusing on the dynamics of social influence;
  • Role Playing: putting in place an “accident” and giving participants, as “actors” and “observers”, the opportunity to review their own behaviour;
  • Debriefing: self-critical reflection of what learned.